How to become a YouTuber? Friends, in today’s time, if it comes to earning money online, then the first name comes from platforms like Google and YouTube, so in today’s post I am going to tell you how you can become a successful YouTuber,


friends India I have many such on YouTube who earn lakhs of crores of rupees a month, I feel that if you are thinking of becoming on YouTube and you have reached this post, then you must have known this much how on YouTube. earn millions of crores of rupees a month, if you are listening to this for the first time then you will be a little fond but the reality is that if you become a successful youtuber

then you will be able to earn millions of crores of rupees a month friends creating youtube channel on youtube It is not a big deal and working here is also not a big deal, just you should have a little enthusiasm so that you can do regular work on YouTube becauseIt is very important to do regular work on YouTube.

First of all let me tell you a big secret, thousands of people in youtube create millions of youtube channels every day and after working for few days they stop uploading videos but if you want to become a successful youtube then you Do not do this at all, the passion and hard work of working on YouTube can make you a successful YouTuber, if you are thinking that in a short time a successful can be made on YouTube,

then it is not possible at all to work in YouTube means you You can understand the way of working in an office, the way you do a job, maintain discipline, go to a regular job, then at the end of the month you get payment from the company, in the same way you work on YouTube. But here you will not get payment in the last of the month,

now you will be very fond of hearing this, so let me tell you why you will not get the first payment on YouTube.It takes a lot of effort to get that means it can take a very long time, if you are working like a regular job every day, then within 3 to 4 months you will be able to take the first payment which will be something around 7000 now. This question must be coming in your mind whether I should work for 4 months for 7000 or not, here the whole game

is on the views, if you too, in 3 to 4 months, 4 to 500000 starts coming on each video, then in such a situation, you will get the number of views of the month. You will be able to earn lakhs of rupees within just 4 months, now you must have been happy, so let’s start and understand how to make a successful youtube in detailHere the whole game is over the views, if yours is also 4 to 500000 on each video in 3 to 4 months,

then you will be able to earn lakhs of rupees per month in just 4 months, now you must have become happy. Let’s start and understand in detail how to make a successful YouTubeHere the whole game is over the views, if yours is also 4 to 500000 on each video in 3 to 4 months, then you will be able to earn lakhs of rupees per month in just 4 months, now you must have become happy. Let’s start and understand in detail how to make a successful YouTube

how to become on youtube

To become a better and successful YouTuber, you have to follow some important steps, below I give you some steps, you should read it carefully and if you want to be a successful YouTuber, then follow

First of all, you should understand why you have to make on YouTube and for what reason?

When you are going to start a YouTube channel or are thinking, then you should have a clear answer that why you have to become a successful YouTuber, what is your region to enter the field of YouTube, what is the purpose, it should be very clear. It is important whether you want to be on YouTube only for your family

or have you thought that you have to make it on YouTube or do you think that knowledge should be shared among people through YouTube or have you thought that YouTube If you want to earn lakhs of rupees, then your vision, your region, your purpose should be clear, although you are going to get a lot of money as well as name

from YouTube, if you do the work in the right way, but for this you have passion and perfect skill. It is very important and all this will be possible when your mindset is very clear that what are the reasons for starting a YouTube channel.What can be the advantages, what can be the disadvantages of starting a YouTube channel,

then your region should be very clear, your purpose should be absolutely clear, what are you going to do on YouTube, why are you coming up on YouTube?

Find out why you want to use this platform to be popular on YouTube?

So see if you do not know then let me tell you that this YouTube platform is the biggest social media platform, I hope you already know this and if it is not then you must have understood and known and And talking about its active user, there are more than 2 billion active users on YouTube at present, it is a very big social media platform spread all over the world, with the help of which you can become very popular as a celebrity.

You can become and at the same time you can earn millions of crores of rupees and one special thing is YouTube from kids to old people, from kitchen to fashion, you can do it everywhere, from home to outside, that means you are going to get a very big and famous platform. Where you can work from anywhere, you can do any kind of work

and share your knowledge among people in some way, you can get frames from people as well as millionsYou can also get crores of rupees and because of all these regions, it will be absolutely right for you to choose the YouTube platform because of all these reasons and you have thought absolutely right.

select right bottom

If you are determined to start a YouTube channel, then definitely select your low.

Selecting low means to create your YouTube channel in whatever subject you are quite knowledgeable in whichever subject you have a lot of knowledge.

The subject in which you have a lot of knowledge, which you can explain in a good way and which can attract your audience, you select that low

You can select any low according to your mind.

Let me tell you some examples like you can start a government-related low, you can start tax related news, you can start education-related low, you can start motivation-related low, you related to help You can start a low, you can start a niche related to blogging, apart from this,

there are thousands of such lows on which you can work, in which some important and important lows, I suggest you, if you want, you can work on them.

Best Niche For Every YouTuber

Below I have given you some examples of lows, seeing which you can understand that you can start a YouTube channel in this way, all the lows given below are very popular, that is why there is a lot of competition in this low. If you select this low, then definitely keep in mind that you will get the results after a while.











understand your audience

If you have selected complete and perfect niche for your YouTube channel, then now it is your turn to understand your audience in a perfect way, then I will tell you some steps, with the help of which you will be able to understand your audience better.

What is your target audience

What age are you watching your youtube channel, make videos in the same way

Who is the right audience for your videos and what do they like to watch the most

If you ever make a video on some other topic that your audience does not like, then you find out why your audience did not like it and what does it like

If you are following all the above staff, then it means that you value the audience of your YouTube channel, you value the audience of your YouTube channel and keep them important in your life and that is what makes you a successful will make on youtube

find the competition

If you understand your audience very well, then now it is your turn to find out your competition, find out on YouTube, which topic is on YouTube above the topic on which you are making a video. Make videos like your videos, in this way you will be able to find out what kind of audience sees their channel, what videos they publish and after seeing that, you too start publishing videos in the same way, by doing this you will be with them. You will be able to grow together, often do not pay attention to this on YouTube and keep making videos without finding out the competition and then later like the other one on YouTube follows it.

That’s why you can find out the competition on YouTube like yours, which channel your audience watches, which videos they like to watch, what topics they like to watch, in such a situation, you can make the audience of other YouTube channels on your YouTube channel. will be able to bring

start your youtube channel

After finding out your target audience and low as well as competition, you create your YouTube channel which is a very easy process, during this you must add the description and tag of your YouTube channel, after that if you have If there is a website then you just link it to your YouTube channel.

how to name youtube channel

If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel, then this question will definitely come in your mind. If you go to make, a question will come in your mind that how to name the channel, then let me tell you, you should note this thing, try to keep the name of the YouTube channel as easy as possible by doing this. You will get a lot of benefit, whichever audience will see your video once, if they like the video, then they will remember your name, in such a situation, they can search your name and come to your channel again, then the name of your YouTube channel is very interesting and hold the catch

Share relevant information

After starting your youtube channel, the barricade comes for you to put your first video and when you upload the first video, try to keep your intro very good, for which you make the video, the time you publish it all You can tell things in an intro, while making a video on any topic, it is very important for you to have the right information about that topic, so do a little research and make a video.

Keep those things which are very important and useful for the audience, keep those questions and try to solve them through video

By making any information on any topic in any way, just avoid trying to publish it on your YouTube channel in the format of the video, by doing this your audio can be taken away from you, so make every video keeping the audience in mind. Understand their problem, set a target to solve them.

Pay attention to quality

When it comes to making videos, the quality matters a lot along with the content, the quality is very important, so try to make a good video.

A good and good video is called the one whose content is very good, the voice is very clear and at the same time the video quality is very high, so along with the right contact, pay attention to the right sound and the right video quality.

have a creative approach

To be popular on a platform like YouTube, it is very important for you to be creative, so always try to make creative content, try to make yourself creative.

You have to make your video as interesting, knowledgeable and creative as possible like no one has done before, the contact and video quality of your video will attract your audience to you and only then you will be able to become a successful YouTuber.

use the right equipment

It is not enough for you to have a camera only to make a video, along with it it is also very important to have a light background photo scale.

It is always very important to have the most important light camera and audio quality in video productions, so keep this in mind.

If you are going to make animated videos or want to make animated videos, then select the software applications that you will use which can give you the best quality for your contact.

understand youtube seo

To make your YouTube channel popular, it will be very important to reach the right audience, the right group, this work is not done at all by just publishing the video, for this you have to work on YouTube seo.

YouTube ACO means to publish for search engines by doing content research in the right way, as well as you can select the right keyword for this, select the right tag, select the right title, so that your The video will be good, but along with that, what you will put in the title tag and description to rank your video in the search engine, it should also be very seo friendly, by doing this YouTube’s algorithm will be able to understand your video properly and your Will try to make the video reach as many people as possible.

interact with your audience

If you want to see yourself as a successful YouTuber, then it will be very important for you to get interest from your audience, which will help you a lot in making you a successful YouTuber.

Because for whom you are making a video, reading their comments, replying to their comments, hurting their comments, understanding their words is very important, if you are making videos with your own mind, then you will be harmed by doing so. That’s why you interest your audience, try to make them what they want, it will be very important.

If you want, you can ask your audience by making a video for them in any way, whether from the community tab, that they like watching this type of video very much, you start making videos of the same way, by doing this your channel will run like a rocket. will take

video analytics monitoring

You keep monitoring your video analytic score from time to time, which always tells you which type of video you can get more views on which type of video your audience responds the most and how you can improve in future If you should, then start using analytics from today.


This will keep you getting a better feedback every time, it will be very important for you to make your YouTube channel popular.

Becoming YouTube is not as easy and as exciting as it seems in reality. To become on YouTube, you have to work hard. Regular hard work is very important if you do not have passion, you cannot do regular work at all, you are not hard work as well as you can’t wait then youtube is not for you

So if you have thought of becoming a successful YouTuber, then bring enthusiasm in yourself, keep working regularly, keep working hard and wait for your video to become viral.

If you follow all the steps mentioned by me in a good way, then I have great hope that you will be on the path of a better and successful YouTube, you will have a lot of money, you will know people all over the world, you have big and big. There will be vehicles, you will have big houses, but for these, you just need to work hard and wait with regular hard work.

finally i want to tell you something

Friends, I am very happy that you have read this post written by me many times and you have learned how to become successful on YouTube, what you should keep in mind to become successful on YouTube what are the things to do on youtube and what not to do what are the paths that will make you a successful youtube

You must have understood all the things from quite outside, but if you have any problem in your mind regarding how to become a successful YouTuber, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment box below, if you do so after a few minutes. I will get the answer of your question, then what is the delay, if you have any question in your mind, then ask in the comment and yes if you liked this post written by usIf you thought that yes the information I have found is very important, it will make me a successful youtube can read the post

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