Hi guys, how are you, hope to be fine, I’m fine Read further and learn and plenty of money earn, you also home How to Make Money Online Search can  be? If yes, then did you read it completely?

And you would also want the work to be easy and last long-term, this is Long-Term Money Making Technique? You have come to the right place, here you will be told about How to Make Money Online , which will be very beneficial for you, and will provide you an opportunity to earn money sitting at home?

How to Make Money Online

There are about 373 Million Smartphone Users in India, and about 460 Million Internet Users, this number is as small as it looks, in fact it is not that much, for your information, let me tell you, so many people together make the world of Smartphone and Internet quite a lot. make big, because of making big, new smartphones are bought and sold all the time,

At the same time, when people buy a smartphone, they also want the Internet, this is the reason that the world of the Internet has become very big, that is why all the people who use the Internet, they have a huge Chance happens,

The biggest reason for earning money online, out of which some percent of the users are able to earn money online, and some are not able to earn, the number of people who do not earn, is the biggest reason, people do not even know… and those who know And regular don’t work.

If you want Online How to Make Money Online then you take it as a job, and assume for a few days you have to work for free, Like 6 Months Yes this is a very big truth, you have to take 6 months to 1 You will have to give time for a year, then you will be able to earn a lot of money, like anywhere you do a job, then you have to work 8 hours 10 hours 12 hours 15 hours, in the same way you do it here too, then only you will be successful…

You are not able to earn much money by doing offline job, but if you do the same online job then you can earn crores of billions in 1 month…

Make Money Form Blogging

A few years ago, blogging people used to do only time pass but time changed and gradually people started taking it as their job, people who used to work earlier, and had little knowledge about blogging, so He used to do blogging, but considering it as part time, the day changed in this way and today is such a day that people start full time as a job, in today’s days people earn crores of billions of rupees a month with the help of blogging. is, read the How to Make Money Online

In blogging, in fact, you put all your information on the Internet by creating a website, in return for which you get money from Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense 

The main means of How to Make Money Online is  Google Adsense is a product of Google, whose job is to advertise on the website you have created, that is, to show promotion, understand a little how it works, as if a person wants to sell his shoe. He goes to Google and tells him I have to send this shoe, in return I will give you money, then Google promotes his shoes on its own product How to Make Money Online Read more 16 WAY

Google’s product is also Blogger, shows promotion on your side, in return for which you get money, you do not get all the money, some money Google keeps and some gives you, in the same way you can Google Adsense. you can earn money with help

How much money – How to Make Money Online from blogging?

The way doctor engineer lawyers earn money by doing jobs, in the same way you can earn millions of times more than doctor engineers or any offline job by blogging, by blogging you can earn almost 2 million dollars in a month. Read More How to Make Money Online

How much money you can earn from blogging depends on some reasons like :-

  1. what language are you telling people in

  2. your way of explaining is correct or not

  3. How much traffic does your blog get

  4. what is your way of earning money

Apart from Google Adsense on your website, you can earn money through Affiliate Marketing Paid Promotion in other ways… read more How to Make Money Online

Advantages and disadvantages of starting a blog

First of all let’s know about the disadvantages of blogging if you don’t like to write then don’t do it otherwise you will leave within 6 months and you will fail in blogging and the same if you like to write then you will earn millions of crores from here will take

At the same time your writing skill will also increase, blogging will increase your typing speed, the only disadvantage is if you leave then you will fail and all your hard work will be wasted… read more How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online Form YouTube

With the growing three, YouTube is no longer YouTube, it has become half the Internet, 1.9 million users login here every month. But at the same time 500 hours of videos are also uploaded on YouTube every minute.

Start a Channel: – If you have the right speaking skills, then you can start a YouTube channel, it does not cost any money in any way to make a YouTube channel, only and only you should have a talent, no matter what. Be it of any type like Singing, Acting, Comedy, Teaching, And Other Any Type Of Talent..

Make Your Channel Successful Enough That it Meets the YouTube Partner Program Requirements

YouTube is the best way to earn money Google Adsense, I told you above about Google Adsense, Google Adsense will run ads on your website, in return for which you will get money from YouTube, the way you used to earn in blogging, exactly the same Like you will earn money in YouTube too, read more How to Make Money Online

But here you have to follow all the other rules of YouTube Partner Program, the toughest rule in the gene is to complete 4000Hour And 1000Subscriber, only after this target is completed, Ads will come on the videos made by you, that is, as long as you You cannot earn money till you do not complete it.

Other Way to Make Money Form YouTube

  • Paid Promotion

PAid promotion is a type of business, when you become famous, then any company, if you have to tell the people about the right of any goods, that is, about the goods from which people can buy those goods, the company will give you money in exchange for genes. Gives..Read more How to Make Money Online

  • Sell ​​Your Product

You can also sell your own products on YouTube, if you have any business in offline, then you can sell it online with your details, here you will find many users who see you, the same users will also buy your goods. .

Advantages and disadvantages of starting a YouTube channel

You can become very famous by starting a YouTube channel, millions of people will recognize you, as well as if you become popular then you can do any kind of big business, you will be very easy. work, can promote any way, and can earn huge amount of money,

The only and only loss is if you leave after working for a few days, then both your hard work and career will be ruined, when career is ruined then you will not have a single pennyRead more How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online Form Buy And Sell Domain

If you want to do any kind of business, that too online, then this can be a very good option for you, you have to invest a little in them, look ahead, I have given some 5 tips: – Read more How to Make Money Online

  • Narrow your focus.

  • Find names that offer real value.

  • Check domain availability.

  • Evaluate the price.

  • Get your domains front and center.

Millions of domains have already been sent and are not available to register that’s why first you have to check whether the name is sold or not, if not then you can buy it – Read More How to Make Money Online

Especially when you consider the hundreds of new domain name extensions like .app and .club & .Com & .Net.

If you are thinking to buy and sell the comment, then buy keeping in mind all the things given below.

  • What’s a name you already know that might make this easier?

  • Do you want to get domain related to animals then buy .Pet and .Dog

  • Want to buy and sell related tow man from home then buy .Car or .realestate domain

  • Do you want to buy domain about buying and selling about education and health related things then buy .education and .doctor

  • Or you can also buy and keep the domain of some places.

Buying a domain name is a very difficult task, but it is very easy to sell it, if your domain name gives value in any way in the coming days, then it can be worth millions of crores, it depends on you.

For how much did you sell but if you bought the same domain without thinking and they do not have any value in the future, then it will be useless to you and you will have a lot of trouble in selling it..

A great suggestion for you – How to Make Money Online

Whenever you buy a name, use Google Keyword Planner, with Google Keyword Planner, you will know what the value of the domain is.

You can check the strength of a keyword by using tools like Google Trends and Keyword Planner.

How to Make Money Online Form Facebook

Facebook is such a social media that we all use Facebook, 99% of the people whose phone network means that the internet facility is available, they definitely use Facebook but only 2% of all those Facebook users would know. Read more How to Make Money Online

Money is also earned from Facebook, so let me tell you today, what method do those 2% people use and how do they earn money?

The first way that Facebook itself has launched is Facebook Creator, using which you can earn money by uploading videos on Facebook.

Most Powerful and Secret Way

You can increase the followers on your Facebook, if you have one lakh two lakh or three lakh Facebook followers, then the company will automatically start sponsoring you. And you will earn millions.

How to Make Money Online Form WhatsApp

Recently WhatsApp has added a feature in which you can add and sell any of your products. Whose name is WhatsApps Catalog .. read more How to Make Money Online

That’s why you must try it by going to your WhatsApp…

How to Make Money Online Form Instagram 

There are many ways to earn money from Instagram but if you have a lot of Follows then then!

If you have more followers on Instagram, you will get sponsorship from the company !! Collab With Big Brand CHOTE Will Earn Money – How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online Form Start Amazon Seller Bussiness

Amazon Seller This is a very famous way to earn money from Amazon. To earn money by becoming an Amazon Seller, you have to create an Amazon Affilite account.. Then from that account, you have to remove the link of whatever product you have to sell, then by sharing that link on your website, Facebook page, Instagram, WhatsApps,

Then whatever product you sell from your link, you will get 10% commission in your amazon affiliate account..

How to Make Money Online Form Start Freelancing on Upwork

Before doing freelancing, it is very important to understand what is freelancing and how it works, in simple and simple language, freelancing means to work for others Read more How to Make Money Online

You do not have to do work by going to someone’s house, but you have to do it sitting at your own home. There is a lot of work in this.

Example :- Content Writing, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Logo Desin, Application Development, etc…

Freelancing is such a way that in that day you get money instantly and before working.

Although there are many websites on which you can do the work of Lalan Singh, but the most famous site is Upwork.

If you want to earn money by freelancing, then try Upwork website.

How to Make Money Online Form Developing Android Application

Only and only this is the only way in which it is very important for you to have education along with skill, then you can earn lakhs of days by going. Application Development ISS can be a great and great tool to earn money in time, if you have mastered coding skills, then How to Make Money Online

Or you can do a good application development for yourself or your client without coding by taking the help of any third party website and earn millions, there are two such popular application development sites from where you can develop applications without coding.

  1. Thunkable
  2. Kodular

How to Make Money Online Form Start Photography

In today’s time, online photography can be a great way for you to earn money, if you have mastered in photo editing, then you can create your own online site or you can create your account on a third party website. Can work for others by making, I want to tell you in clear words

There are many such websites on which people make their profile and whatever skills they have there, they mention the way you are looking for a job, in the same way the person in front needs a person to work for them. In this way you can do photography work for them How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online Form Paid Content Writing Job

There are many such people who run many websites like more than one hundred, in such a situation, they are unable to work on all the websites themselves, in this condition you can work for them, this work is also online and you have to do it sitting at home. It happens

The way you are reading the content now, in the same way you will have to write for some other website and the person who will have the website in front will give you money in return for writing, then how did you feel about this online work, you will definitely tell in the comment box below. Read How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online Form Sell Tutorials Videos

If your voice is good and you make a good video then you can do video making work for others or if you just and only make voice over video, in this condition also you will get a lot of work if you do without face Show also if you make videos for others, you will earn a lot of money, this is a very popular site where you can create your account and earn money by mentoring your works. 

  1. https://www.feverr.com/

On this website you can create your account and find work for yourself and work for someone else. 

Sell ​​Your Design 

Even if you are well versed in any type of designing, you will still get online work such as logo designing work, photo designing work, thumb nail designing work, marriage, wedding editing and many more.

Which you can do and earn money, you just have to join fiber and create your account, you have to mention about your work and people will automatically start contacting you and giving you work. 

How to Make Money Online Form Start Freelancing on Upwork

If you want to work for others online whether it is android application development or photo editing or any kind of video editing you will get all that work just you have to join

You can earn a lot of money by creating your account on upwork.com upwork.com, as well as if you have any kind of knowledge, then you must create your account, here you will get a hundred percent work.

How to Make Money Online Form Create Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing is the best way and great way to earn money online. In affiliate marketing, you have to go to Amazon and create an Amazon affiliate account, then the link of the product taken from that Amazon affiliate account will have to be mentioned in your website, you will also have an affiliate side for yourself. can make

Where people buy only and only product and you put your own affiliate link in that product, you will get a lot of affiliate commission and you will earn a lot of money.

How to Make Money Online Form Software Review For Money

Two such popular sites where you can create your account and earn money by removing software made by others, first let me tell you what you have to do, there are many software listed on the website.

Those listed software will have to be reviewed, you will get five to $10 on each review, if you want to review the software, then visit 1. SoftwareAdvice 2. G2crowd

How to Make Money Online Form Mobile Game

Yes, you read it absolutely right, you can earn money by playing mobile games and you can also earn money by making mobile apps, there are many such applications available on the play store, by which you can earn money by playing, recently you must have heard about Ludo tournament. About Pubg Tournament

So in this way, you can earn money by playing online games, as well as if you know how to make applications, then you can also earn money by creating applications like tournaments and giving them to others. 


Friends, I hope that I have understood the 16 methods of How to Make Money Online , I like the method number 1 and 2 out of these 16 methods and I myself do which of these methods do you like better Do tell in the comment below and what things you want to read next, also tell me by commenting, thank you very much for giving your valuable time. 

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