Friends, if you also want to start a dog farming business by living in India So today’s post will be very important for you because in today’s post I am going to tell you

How can you start a dog farming business in India?

If you are unemployed and want to earn money from any other short or you do job

And if you want to make extra income, then this can be a better option for you.

You do not have to make any separate arrangement for this, you have to do it in your everyday life.

By keeping a special type of dog in your home comfortably while doing everyday tasks in the works

By getting his brand in, he can earn money by selling his children in the market at good prices.

Dog brand useful for these business

what are the dogs

 There are many such dog species, but in today’s time, I am talking about some special dog species.

I am going to tell you by which you can earn good money

Labrador: This dog is found in India and is the most liked in India.

It is the best dog species, it is very friendly, it is easily trained.

Apart from this, they have many qualities, these dogs are very intelligent.

There is no need to spend a lot in the cradle, companions can take them in any environment.

That’s why it may be the most profitable of the dog breeds for your business.

Pug:   The breed of these dogs Echo does not need to be told to anyone, it is very small in size.

And are also fat and look very cute, in fact the oldest of dogs

species is this dog

This dog breed is one of the most ideal breeds for apartment dwellers

And it is loved by a lot of people, at the same time for such people who are keeping a dog for the first time.

These dogs are very easy to take care of

German Shepherd: This dog is one of the most available dogs in India, this dog can be found anywhere.

These breed dogs are easily available, they are very courageous, intelligent and always alert and alert.

Apart from this, the breed of this dog is also known by different names in many countries.

Dogs of this breed are used a lot, especially from the point of view of safety, to sniff in these dogs.

Has the highest ability and this German Shepherd dog can identify anything just by listening

Pariah: If you really have a lot of love for dogs, then from Indian effort for you

No other good breed can be found, dogs of this species very easily and absolutely free

These dogs are also loyal and affectionate like other dogs, this breed of dogs is also Indian

It is considered to be the most useful for the environment, which can easily live in the environment here.

So if you are ever thinking of buying a dog, you can buy these dogs.

Indian spitz: These dogs are also very small to see and are also fat, these dogs are very intelligent

They are also loyal and especially for the people of the colony like to keep them

Because it is very nice to walk with these dogs, they are also cute for dogs.

Because of this, people also keep it in the house and also feed it together.

Doberman: The species of these dogs are spread all over the world and especially these dogs are used by the police military.

Along with this, it is one of the most popular Indian dogs.

Dogs of this species are very courageous, intelligent as well as sleepy.

It can tell anything with its senses. Apart from this, this dog species is also thin.

Also easily adjusts to the climate and these dogs are easily available in Indian cities.

Dalmatian: These dogs have a healthy affection and are very loyal to the owner

The main purpose of keeping this species of dogs is to get the watchman done.

But these dogs are able to live their lives only in hot weather, in cold climates such dogs

are not used

Requirements for a Dog Farming Business

It is such an easy task to sell dogs after breeding dogs and raising children of dogs.

It is not even if you have not done complete planning for this, then you need good and perfect planning.

If you want to see it as a full time income by doing dog business, then these

For you to have a lot of investment wedding process, the facility of keeping newborn children is of business.

Correct information for keeping dogs, license for dog business, etc.

You have to keep in mind that you also have to keep in mind that you are not doing anything for your own good.

do not harm the animal

 Requirements for this business

  1. business plan

  2. proper management

  3. Proper Investment

  4. License

  5. Customer

  6. proper marketing

Marketing for a Dog Farming Business

For the branding of dogs, the most important thing for marketing of dogs is demand and supply.

First of all, find out in your neighborhood that how many percent of people use dogs.

follow or want to do like if I tell you there are many such around my house

There are colonies in which a lot of people keep dogs, apart from this, the police ICI Special

Forces also keep dogs and apart from these there are many people who live in their fields.

Dogs are taken away as well as there are many people who guard the dog outside their house.

If you apply for watchmanship, then there are many such people who are following dogs, then you should

First of all look around you that how many people are there who are following the dog and

How many people want to do that means how many people are in demand, how many people have the idea of ​​taking a dog

And then according to that you can find out from them what kind of dogs they keep.

like and then you start following the dog in the same way, by doing this the market

I am already in demand and you have raised exactly the same type of dog and it is obvious

When there is demand your dog will be supplied and your dog will be sold and so

If you earn a lot, then marketing the dog for the business of dog farming

Marketing is very easy, you just have to do a little research around you. 

License required for dog keeping

As you know that dog is an animal and keeping the animal is considered illegal in India.

So if you are starting a dog farming business, then you must first get a license.

License will have to be taken that if you are keeping the dog in any way

So do not harm them because killing an animal inside India means murder on you.

There may be a case, whenever the dog is licensed first, it is clearly written in the license.

that you will not harm any dog ​​in the dogs you are keeping and if ever the mistake

If you do this, then legal action will be taken against you, so if you get a dog without a license, it may happen.

If you are in jail, whenever you get a dog, keep in mind that you have a license to keep dogs. 

Total expenses in dog keeping business

If I talk about the expenses in the business of dog farming, then according to your budget, you can

Accordingly, you can start a dog farming business, you can start with 10 dogs

Dog means you will be able to buy 10 to 20 dogs between 50000 to 100000

And then you can sell it for a good price then you can start with 1020 dogs and

Then if you think that the dog business will be right, then you can do the dog business on a large scale.

It will cost you four to ₹ 5000 to buy a puppy, then if you give him

If you prepare it very well, then when it will be sold, then that little dog’s baby

Will give you at least 15 to 20000 out of which you will save around five to ₹ 10000

So selling a dog saves at least five to ₹ 10000, so what is your budget?

According to what is your target, spend the dog business 

Risks in dog farming business

Risk is a big problem in dog farming business and safety should be taken care of in this.

Happens because if you are feeding the dog without safety or giving the dog a bath

If so, a dog may accidentally bite you and risk your life.

So in such a situation, whenever you follow the dog, do it with full safety and just keep doing it.

last point 

 Friends, I hope you have understood very well about dog farming in India.

How to start a business if you have any doubts in any way dog ​​in India

To start a farming business, then definitely tell us in the comment box below. 

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