Friends, if you want to do business of cultivating basil, then today’s post can be very important for you because in today’s post I am going to tell you how you can do basil cultivation business. For which methods of place can be very important, why should you cultivate basil, how many benefits can there be from the cultivation of basil, how much you can earn by cultivating basil and much more from the cultivation of basil if you also If you are thinking of starting the business of Tulsi, then definitely read this post till the last because I am going to come in this post to answer all the questions about Tulsi cultivation that will be in your mind, so let’s start and understand.

benefits of Tulsi

The biggest benefits of basil, you can use basil very easily in fever, cough and infection, by doing this you have fever, phlegm and infection will end very easily.

Consuming basil every day relieves pain and at the same time helps in removing kidney stones.

By using basil every day, the heart remains healthy and gets rid of terrible diseases like cancer.

By using basil every day, you can give up big addiction

By using basil every day, the hair skin also remains healthy, if you are troubled by headache, then you can consume basil plant regularly.

Types of Tulsi in India

There are mainly two types of Tulsi in India, first dark colored Tulsi and second purple colored Tulsi which has purple colored flowers which is also called Krishna Tulsi, apart from this one and second Tulsi is also found inside India which is green leaf. and play with the approval of black color known as Shri Tulsi Aaram Tulsi

Climate Required for Basil Cultivation

Tulsi is a simple plant growing in almost all types of climate, but it is going to high tropical and tropical areas, it flourishes, hot climate is most useful for the full development of Tulsi plant. Tulsi plants are absolutely hairless. Therefore, its cultivation is possible only in such areas where the time of day is sufficient.

planting in the field

When you have prepared the plowing of the field for the cultivation of Tulsi, the field has been prepared completely, now you can bring plants from the nursery in it and stop it in the field, the stopping bed should be 45 cm.

Basil irrigation

If the climate is good then you can do the work even without giving water, but if the climate is hot, then you can give water at least 4 times within 10 to 12 weeks to the basil cultivation to irrigate the basil. Huh

Basil Harvesting

If you have planted basil cultivation, you can harvest this crop after 10 to 12 weeks, when and at what time you have to harvest this crop, you can guess the flowers of basil and yellow leaves in their lower parts. While harvesting Tulsi plant, at least 30 cm upper branches have to be selected and cut.

How much does Tulsi cultivation cost and what are the benefits

How much money is spent in the cultivation of Tulsi, it completely depends on you, that means it depends on your land, it depends on how many acres you have cultivated Tulsi, it does not take much money to cultivate Tulsi. Still, it will depend on your farm, how much plant will come in your field, how much water will be poured and in what way it will be taken care of, after that if we talk about basil crop, how much would be the benefit of cultivating basil. If so, let me tell you that you are going to get about 4 to 5 times more profit than the amount of money you will invest in the cultivation of Tulsi.

How to sell basil crop in the market

If you have grown a Tulsi crop, then now it is your turn to market it well and send it at good prices, for this you can directly contact the big markets and send it there, to sell Tulsi in the market. In the market, you can find out what is the price of Tulsi in the market and by going there you can send Tulsi directly or otherwise you can sell Tulsi to the tradesman.

Friends, I hope you have understood very well how you can do business of cultivation of Tulsi and how you can earn by doing business of Tulsi, apart from this, what are the benefits of Tulsi and what are Tulsi’s in India. Types are found in how the crop of Tulsi is prepared, in what way Tulsi is planted, in what way fertilizer is given in Tulsi, in what way Tulsi is irrigated, in which way Tulsi is harvested. It is known how much money can be spent in the cultivation of Tulsi and in what way you can market Tulsi and how much money you can earn from Tulsi, then if you have any question regarding Tulsi cultivation or Tulsi crop, then tell us Tell me by writing in the comment box below, I will try to add it and try to reach you

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