What is the meaning of FUP. Friends, today I am going to tell you what is the meaning of FUP, what is the full meaning of FUP and at the same time I will tell you many such things about FUP which you may not know. If you want to understand what is FUP in Emglish then keep reading this post till the last.

What is FUP

If you use broadband internet mobile telecom, then you must have heard all these words very well because many service providers internet service providers who provide internet, they keep FUP limit in some of their few plans. Recently, Jio had also done the same and had installed FUP system in some of its plans.

You must have always seen jio to non jio FUP written in Jio’s plan, now let me tell you what is the full form of FUP

  What is the Full meaning of FUP?

The full form of FUP is Fire Use Policy, it means Fair Use Policy in

, it means to use mobile internet properly in the world of internet.

When the FU limit is kept in any unlimited plan, like if you have taken a day plan on 1GB, then in such a situation when your 1GB data will be exhausted, then by Jio company or any other company if you use data. If you do, your internet speed is reduced by them, it is also called datacap or bandwidth.

For example, many people use different types of plans, some use 1GB day plan, some 2GB and some 3GB, in such a situation if your data for each day is exhausted like you have 1GB of data today. If you finished it means your FUP is over, now if you want to use internet then you have to do FUP recharge FUP recharge means extra pack

Whenever you recharge Jio number from any plan, then limit is given for calling, similarly apart from Jio, there are many such companies which give limit and when it is about to expire, then by tracking the pack by the company that A limit is put on the plan, it means to say that if your internet pack or calling pack yea fhir normal pack starts running out, then the notification goes to the company that your plan is ending, in such a situation it will call your FUP. Stops you can’t use the internet or calling, which also stops your calling, it clearly means that you are no longer able to make calls to other networks

Post of UPSP means data speed after the end of FUP limit plan

I think it must be a bit difficult for you to understand, so as if you did some extra recharge I meant the same thing.

Users who cross the FUP limit, then they have to recharge the internet pack at post FUP speed and then use it.

Many telecom companies, broadband companies, internet companies provide an opportunity to run internet on the post FUP limit after the FUP plan is over in their unlimited plans.

Meaning if your internet pack is exhausted on a daily basis, then you will get the facility of running low speed internet from the company.

 I hope you have understood very well what is FUP, what is the meaning of FUP and where is FUP used and how is it used if you have any question about FUP If yes, then do let us know by writing in the comment box below

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